Accountability Bracelets Program

Life CONsequences truly believes that ACCOUNTABILITY is a key component to a life of success.

Support LifeCON & commit to a higher level of accountability.

Our Life CONsequences Accountability Bracelets are to be worn as a constant reminder to hold yourself accountable for the choices you make every day. When you hold yourself responsible and do not place blame on others for your actions, you can and will achieve your goals.

Bracelets are given out in pairs.

We encourage you to give your 2nd bracelet to a classmate, friend or family member and ask them to join you in making positive life choices in three ways:

1. Ask someone to become your accountability partner. Someone close to your age who will commit to making the right choices and to holding each other accountable for them.

2. Ask someone older with more life experience to be an accountability leader or mentor in your own life. Give them the other bracelet as a commitment to the mentorship.

3. Take a leadership role in someone else’s life that may be younger and needs guidance. Ask them if they would be interested in you being their accountability partner. Giving them a bracelet is a great opportunity to help someone else make positive choices.

Whether you’ve chosen to have an accountability partner, have asked someone to be an accountability leader for you, or have stepped up as a leader in someone’s life, you will find greater success in your decisions all around.

Stay Motivated.


– Ethan Fisher


a pair of accountability bracelets as our gift to you!



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Ethan Fisher Life CONsequences Founder